Hello, my name is Walker Corl (a.k.a. Crawler) and I am a studio and commercial photographer. I love dramatic color and contrasted light in my images. Studio lighting for me is like a puzzle (I love puzzles). You are constantly shifting and molding the light to create the perfect blend to sculpt whatever you are shooting. I enjoy shooting products, people, sports, really anything I can get my hands on.

Realistically, I am a graphic designer who loves taking photographs. When I first started getting into design I used stock images in my work. However, I never could find the right images I needed for my designs, or the images available were terrible. So I came up with the idea to taking my own photographs for my work. Thats what started my obsession in the world of studio photography began.




Phone. 704.305.6898
Email: walker@crawlercreative.com
Hastag: #crawlercreative